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Monday, December 04, 2006

Breathe (2 A.M.)

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for stepping in for a breath of fresh air!

I know you’re especially busy this month, so this is short and sweet. And, it might even help you with your holiday shopping if you exchange gifts with loved ones.

So, why is the air around us such a problem?
What are we dealing with?

Here’s a short list of what our bodies deal with according to the EPA:

* Combustion sources-burned heating fuels, fireplaces and smoking products.
* Building materials - insulations, carpets, cabinetry and furniture, upholstery
* Our personal care products - deodorants, nail polishes, hair products, creams
* Our hobby equipment - glues, lacquers, and paints
* Our decorating materials - paints and wallpaper strippers, glues,
* Our household cleaners - power sprays, air fresheners, cleaners
* Our environments – dust, pesticides, mold, dust mites, outside air pollution

And this stuff is linked to:
Headaches, fatigue, asthma, allergies, sinus infections, emphysema, colds, flu,
viruses, chronic fatigue, skin irritations, sick building syndrome, memory loss and
even depression.

Do you anyone who needs relief from these symptoms? Like allergy suffers, perhaps?

Did you know that researchers in France in Sept. 2006 concluded “treating allergic rhinitis or other nasal symptoms may improve dramatically the quality of sleep?" Hmmm, 20-50% of us might be more alert if gunk stays out of our noses...

So here’s an easy, realistic solution that is non-invasive: a good air purifier that can handle a whole house and takes care of all that stuff. I’ve checked it out- it works. BTW, it looks good.

You plug it in and it does its thing without filters or cleaning. You only need to change a bulb once a year. Easy.

And, through me, you can try it first and see the difference it makes. What if it changes someone’s life?

And, because I passionately believe that these products will make a huge difference in your life or your loved one’s life, through January 10, I offer my:

I Love You Forever Package.
Clean air. Clean house. It’s simple - and done with one swoop.
Eliminating the problems is a smart, easy solution and a loving gift to those who suffer. And who minds saving $150 now and up to $3400 annually?


Just breathe!

Warmest wishes for the holiday!


P.S. How to enter the Dec 15th drawing for the AirSource Mini.
Visit Get Clean.
Click "Our Convictions."
Click "Powerful Clean" on the left margin.
Then, please answer this question and e-mail the answer to bfli@buta.org:
What do the makers of Get Clean believe first and foremost?

Exposure to household products are a significant health risk factor for service industry workers. (link it! http://iccnetwork.org/cancerfacts/cfs8.htm). If someone helps you clean your home, will you be the link of a safer working environment by introducing me to their employer?


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