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Monday, February 12, 2007

This is all I have to do to save a bundle this year?

Yeah! It really is possible to save your household a whole lot of money this year- if you are will to do, literally, a little work-

Like diluting 1/4 teaspoon of cleaning concentrate into 16 oz. of water instead of buying a whole new bottle of general spray cleaner. Or, getting used to using a lot less dishwasher cleaner instead of filling whole dishwasher cups. By doing these sorts of little changes in habits, you buy less, ship less, and recycle less.
Is that good, or what?

Plus, you save up to $3400 dollars in cleaner costs.

Plus, plus, and more importantly, these cleaners are safe for the planet and for who’s around your house-like kids, pets, you, for instance! What an easy way to be part of the pollution solution!

And, if my products are good, like the stuff you’re using now, and they can save you significant money, is there any reason you wouldn’t buy them from me?

I’m passionate about your family’s health and about the health of our environment! I will help you use these products well and be here to answer any questions you have. With personalized service, and never having to lug home huge jugs of laundry detergent, it’s all so convenient.
You can choose to Click here to get started, or, you can call me (617-504-4971), or e-mail me (bfli@buta.org) for more information.

Thanks for reading!


Do you know someone in the service industry exposed to toxins on a daily basis?
For me, it’s an ethical , even
moral mandate to spread the word that there are non-toxic alternatives to the products used by maids, cleaning crews, day care workers and others who labor in the service industry. Exposure to commercial cleaning products are a significant health risk factor for these workers. If someone helps you clean your home, will you help me help them be safer by introducing me to their employer?


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