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Monday, April 23, 2012

Still solid waste after all these years.


I'm miffed that one of the most popular manufacturers of vitamins - actually the #1 doctor recommended vitamin brand, produces multivitamins that are pooped out. All garbage - a waste of money for the human body.  And, probably a strong reason those studies last year showed that multivitamins don't work. I also see unused, undissolved pills as a waste water issue.

OK, I hear it! "Come on - you are going off about little vitamins with all the other important issues facing the environment this Earth Day season?" Yes, and I'll proposed a better way after stating my case.  This is a prime example of one person generates very little waste, but taken together, we've got a problem - and, truly, a simple problem to solve.

If 40% of the Centrum vitamins sold are Silver, there's roughly 3/4 of a million Centrum Silver pills being pooped out per year. Or, 1.46  million pounds of solid waste between pills and bottles per year. That's a LOT of waste. Of just one sub-brand. If the under 50 tables are added, that's 4.9 million pounds of solid waste.

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Rough calculations - pounds of solid waster.
Wyeth's Centrum-TM Vitamin Unit sales were $171 million in 2009 according to CBS Money Watch.The going price of Centrum Silver is around $21 for a large size, 220 pills. My very rough estimates will be inadequate here, but it gives an idea of the problem.

Using 40% Centrum-TM Silver and 60% Regular (Under 50 years old) split, approximately $70 million sales for Silver, $100 million for Regular.
Silver @ $70 million is around 3.33 million bottles x 220 pills = 733 million pills, undissolved, going into waste.  Regular Centrum-TM: assuming around 7.6 million bottles sold, that's 1.5 billion pills down the toilet.

Note: I don't have an X-Ray to prove they don't dissolve, but I've personally testing Centrum-TM, Under 50, as one of the multitude of brands I've evaluated. The Centrum-TM brand failed the dissolution test.

If each bottle weighs about 7 oz (.44 pounds) (based on lowest shipping weights on various internet order websites) 3.33 million bottles is, rounded, 1.5 million pounds of waste.

The Under 50 Centrum-TM would very roughly be 7.7 million bottles, 1.5 billion pills, 3.4 million pounds of waste.