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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Traditions and Good Ideas

"Good ideas are not adopted automatically.
They must be driven into practice with courageous patience."
– Hyman Rickover.

Traditions like Thanksgiving are often uplifting and grounding. We welcome them warmly.

Every day choices can become traditions too. Call them habits perhaps, but these familiar choices guide a lot of what we do, from brushing teeth to choosing our products. Advertisers work tirelessly to entice you to change your product choices.

I do things a little differently. I have a good idea of how to orchestrate better health and a safer, cleaner environment by carefully choosing our household cleaning chemicals. I won’t ring bells and whistle fluff at you, because that’s not how I like to buy.

I will, however, patiently seek to personally connect with you on behalf of my quest to literally change the world and other small things like that, through applying four objective criteria for truly green cleaning.

Change, even small change is hard. Acting different creates stress" says Lou Tice, of the Pacific Institute, "It doesn't matter whether the new behavior is worse or better than the old."

Mr. Tice suggests reducing that stress of change by "taking out the pain and anxiety of change Change the mental picture you have of yourself first. Literally rehearse the future in your head, and see yourself acting in the new way. You take yourself through it safely and comfortably in your mind, over and over again. Soon it doesn't feel like new behavior at all. It feels like something you routinely do."

Buying differently, from a "direct to consumer" marketer is a change.
But it benefits both you and people like me who own local small businesses.

Changing how we use cleaning products is a change.
But reducing 50,000 pounds of greenhouse gases is a benefit to us all.

Using high quality supplements to get healthier and stay that way is a change.
But you will be quite thankful, as research shows, that you did in 20 years.

I've visualized change and made it happen. I work to create a beautiful life that allows me to make positive change in the world while doing well by doing good.

How about you? Ready for change?
I'm right here to help with products, services, and a good listening ear.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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