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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vision 2009 – An update on "Changing the World..."

How can I thank you enough for your decision to view this website today?


OK, so let’s make it worth your time!

The goal is to slash (take a deep breath!) greenhouse gases, petroleum dependency, landfill waste, asthma and allergies, the cancer death-risk rate, indoor air pollution, and phosphates, nonylphenols, and antibacterial hormone disruptors from our waterways and more. To learn more about all these topics you can click on a plethora of archived articles on the right side of this screen!

So, do you want to do all that stuff too? Click here and do the thing today.

Want to know more about the criteria?

Here’s a short review - you can always click on “Horton Hear’s a Green” from Oct 2008 to dig deeper.

Assuming the cleaner works, is it:
1. Non-toxic?
2. Biodegradable?
3. Multitasking?
4. Concentrated?

If you click on "Horton Hears a Green"and "Making Vulcanos" you can see how easy it is to put a cleaner through the objectives. To make it even easier for you - if you email me, I will send you a sheet that compares several brands.

Want to know why it's hard to find cleaners that meet the criteria?

Just to let you know, few and far between companies are committed enough to the environment to offer a product that fits the criteria. For those few that I've found, not one of the products is as inexpensive or as concentrated as the product line I’ve chosen for my own home.

You see, from a sales perspective (excuse me for putting it plainly), it’s pretty stupid to sell concentrated, totally multitasking products. Selling one bottle of cleaner once every 2 years is just not a big money maker for me or my product partner.

Somehow, though, we both know to trust that it is a blessing to
do well by doing good

So, are you going to let me make it easy for you to join our movement to change the world?

Hope to hear from you soon! Call or click, I'm right here to help.



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