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Monday, February 22, 2010

Can’t lose weight? Look at your household chemicals.

Chemical residues may be causing you to eat more, exercise less, and be less motivated.

Paula F. Baillie–Hamilton, in a 2002 Publication, Chemical Toxins: A Hypothesis to Explain the Global Obesity Epidemic, (Alternative Complement Med8[2]:185–192,2002) first introduced the concept of the chemical calorie – "an estimate value of the degree of damage caused by a chemical to the body’s natural weight-loss system.” We can think about chemical calories as the effect of holding on to stubborn pounds due to chemical residues. If dieting hasn’t work for you or is very difficult, it’s time to recognize the importance of chemical calories.

There are many families of chemicals that stick around in our bodies. Many of these persistent organic chemicals can dissolve in both water and fats and oils so we can ingest them in several different ways. Here's a few examples:
  • Household products can be breathed or eaten.
  • The foods we eat are often contaminated with pesticides, antibiotics or steroids.
  • We may drink chemicals that interrupt our metabolism as they are in our water supplies.
In her interviews, publications and books, Dr. Paula F. Baillie–Hamilton reveals how these ‘sticky’ compounds “mimic the hormones (that regulate metabolism) and send messages that impact various hormonal systems. Because hormones control such basic human desires such as appetite, energy levels, and motivation, they can drive a person to eat more then is needed.”

It’s absolutely clear that weight loss is not just a matter of eating less.

Dr. Baillie-Hamilton even suggests that “no diet will really ever work without detoxification.”

So if you have had trouble losing weight – stop beating yourself over the head! It isn’t just about will power!

Start detoxing instead! Get down to that biochemistry level and have your body restore itself!

That’s what I did. I sought better energy and better immunity and one side benefit was better weight management. And now, I’m healthier, stronger, and thinner then 10 years ago. Would it be attractive for you or for someone you love to say the same in a decade?

Here’s a brief summary of Dr. Baillie-Hamilton’s recommendations:
“And, of course,” says, Dr. Baillie-Hamilton, “as a lifestyle change, this program is permanent and can not be done overnight. It’s not a “quick fix.” – It is a program for sustained overall health.”

That has certainly been my experience! That's why I’m so committed to a proactive healthy, dynamic, beautiful life. If what I do is better then what you are already doing, is there any reason not to try a new approach?

To your health!


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