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Welcome to a place for those who are smart, passionate, and committed about living healthy, dynamic lives. We're smart about diet, nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle. We're passionate about our environment and our impact upon it. And, we're committed to doing what we need to do to get the results we want to live our beautiful lives.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Welcome from Susan

Hi there!

How’s your day going?

What can you do to make it better?

Oh yeah! You came here. Thanks!

Spring approaches and I look forward to the promise of new life. I’ve get introspective during winter after the holidays. I re-evaluate, think, self-protect a bit, dream big, and try to take care of myself a bit more. But then spring comes and the light gets good and the energy builds and we New Englanders venture forth out of our winter dens to frantically look for that first crocus. And the buds come out and the first flowers bloom in the bright blue sky and the trees mate, and (oh… God bless you… here’s a tissue) spew their pale green dustings all over our freshly washed cars . Hmm… too much Garrison Keiller this winter…

Well, BFLI is available to help out with those lovely spring allergies and more. We’re a team of entrepreneurs that help people get healthy and stay that way. That means doing what we can do to give ourselves and the kids the best chance to stay out instead of at home again with another sick day!

Look around. This site is especially for people who want to know more about BFLI and our team philosophy.

If you are new, you might want to check out Buta Full Life - the Company and March 2006 Q & A to get an overview of who I am and what I do.

If you are here to find out some choices to get started immediately, click on the side bar. I’ve made it easy for you to start fast. But know that I’d rather get to know you first. That way, we get you what you really need and bypass the distractions. Click here to contact me first to schedule a 5 minute conversation to see if we’re a good fit. It could be a really freeing 5 minutes!

To everyone, please leave your comments! Your opinions and wisdom adds richness and allows this blog to become a conversation about best practices, not just a newsletter or information center.

And, as a thank you for contributing, posting a comment between March 27 and April 30, you will be automatically entered into a drawing for a box of the healthiest snack bars out there to carry around when you need energy but can’t get a healthy meal.
In the glycemic index battle: Cliff Bar 110 (ouch!) My bars: 47 (yes!)
And that’s good news for diabetics, dieters, and anyone with bouncy blood sugar.

Have a great spring!

Q&A: Uh, what do you actually do?

Oh, I have a whole toolbox of things I do. But, bottom line, I market a line of products and services for people who are smart, passionate, and committed.
  • They are smart about the products they use.
  • They are passionate about the environment
  • And, they are committed to doing what they need to do to living healthy, dynamic, beautiful lives.
Right now, I’m particularly focusing on people, like me, who believe in active environmental sustainability and are willing to make lifestyle changes that reduce their personal impact on the planet. These people may have already changed products to safer, greener, alternatives, but are looking for more effective or better economical choices because it’s also smart to budget their own resources. They like the idea of smart production, less shipping and recycling fewer bottles. They care about how they spend their consumer dollars and want socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing. Through personalized service and ongoing counsel, I offer easy, realistic, solutions so families can feel great and live gently while enhancing their own beautiful lives.

Now, to do that, BFLI offers several services.

Consultation: Usually, when someone is interested in what I do, they have a problem to solve. So, we first do a quick 5-minute phone call to see if we are a good fit. If we are, after an assessment process, I design a customize package of products and services to address their needs. For my better clients, I offer on-going consultations to make sure they continue to get the results they want.

Seminars: for community groups, companies, parent groups, religious organizations,etc.
  • For parents- Mac and Cheese, Again? and Brain Gain- Nutrition and Lifestyle for Better Performance.
  • For adult groups-Energy and Stress Relief, Personal Excellence in Health, Hot Chicks-Help for Hormonal Hostages, and Healthy Homes.
  • For teens- Performance Warriors (healthy athletes) and Attack of the Teenage Mutant Adolescent Females- ok so I don’t call it that to their faces, but hormones, menses, acne, and persons of attraction are really an interesting mix to 13-16 year old women.)
Personal Coaching: This service helps people achieve their goals beyond the health arena in areas such as parenting, career considerations, decision-making, etc. I help frame the questions and considerations so personal goals can be achieved.

No matter what attracts you, getting started is easy. Just dial 617-504-4971 for a 10 minute free consultation to see if your needs are a good fit.

Spring Passionate- Living gently-still

I am passionate about the environment. Better material usage, using and marketing inexpensive non-toxic cleaners, living in a small space so that the whole space is utilized, rennovating with solar power, are all part of it. I constantly think about reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Recently, I googled and found an interesting site from Gentle Living Quarterly. Wow, a whole grassroots movement exists of people who want to tread lightly on the planet and, more importantly, each other.

Check out this website, then revisit here and let us know if something catches your eye.

Committed to drug- free zones.

I press on with my commitments that are getting me where I want to be- and that’s to be healthy, strong, energetic and able to live my dynamic, beautiful life for years to come. So, I am totally committed to preventative health.

But what’s my alternative?

I found this cheerful site recently and I didn’t like what it said about the community population (meaning outpatient, apparently) in 1999: http://www.meps.ahrq.gov/Papers/CB12_04-0001/CB12.htm
  • The prescription drug business was $92.5 billion in 1999. And that’s just for outpatient medications.
  • The average person was spending $341 a year on those medications
  • In community populations, there is an average of about 8 prescriptions per year.
  • People ages 45-64 made up only 24% of the non- Medicare population, they accounted for 53% of prescription expenses
Lucky me! With my genetic roll of the dice, I would naturally be right in the pile! Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis make my genetic short list. Euuuu…

But that's my family's story - not mine!

I may be a supplement pill popper, a fan of chiropractic care, and get to the gym way to early in the morning– but what’s the alternative? Being a very expensive pill popper at 65?

People like me invest in prevention and education before we become hostages to medications and ongoing medical care. We are wise enough to take it now to prevent later. Do you know anyone, like me, that is ready to do what we need to now for a better life later? Or can you play it forward and hook me up your friend, neighbor, or relative so that we can still ski together at 65? E-mail me!