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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

$150 or $60 billion in research tax dollars – either one should do it.

University of Chicago Economics Professor Dr. Kevin Murphy (nice article) studies the investment of research dollars devoted to life-sciences and the return-on-investment (ROI) in terms of our county’s economic health.

He has calculated:
Potential gains from future health improvements are also large; for example, a 1 percent reduction in cancer mortality would be worth $500 billion.
The Value of Health and Longevity” (Journal of Political Economy, 2006)
That’s a 10-fold return on investment!

And, the numbers grow significantly if the modest reduction in various diseases (eg cardiovascular disease) doesn’t cost a lot to deliver. Potentially, future projections approach numbers like $95 trillion that could be added to the GDP.

Wow that’s a lot of money- like more then the value of all US homes.
Disease is really expensive. How about it?

It is the mission of BFLI to slash the 54% increased cancer death rate from continuous exposure of common everyday chemicals.

  • So, is your health and the U.S. economy worth a modest investment of $150 to replace all the household toxic brew that may be in your home? (that’s hundred not billion!)
  • Is an ROI of a reduced cancer death risk rate and $3400 savings from single use products attractive?
Click here if the numbers add up and you want to get started.

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Want to learn why we have to take action today?
The 200 Household Initiative is a presentation of BFLI to educate people about the link between their health and common household products that jeopardize health.

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