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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

On New Year's Day, 2011

It's the New Year and some things have to change for lots of us - health.
Would 10 or more pounds and keeping it off be a benefit to your health?
Hey! What does that have to do with cleaning chemicals?

More and more, I read research suggesting that weight loss becomes a medical condition over time, not a will power test. Researchers are looking at the biochemical issue of weight control – blood sugar, chemical calories, enzyme deficiencies, set point irregularities, hormonal satiation signaling, environmental chemicals, and more. Some of that stuff is due to what’s on us and what’s around us and therefore, gets in us.

I found this to be true in my life. Losing weight, for me, was a side benefit of getting healthier and staying that way as I paid attention to "in, on, and around me."

My journey started in 1998 when I had an immunity shutdown. I was constantly sick and gained at least 20 pounds in the previous decade. Yet, I exercised, ate right, etc. I could not understand why my body degraded. By March I was homebound. That was my wake up call.

My friend recommended a range of products to give my body what it needed to heal itself naturally. Yes, I thought it was too expensive too, but as compared to what? I finally did what she recommmended and I felt better within one week. If you could feel better even in 30 days, can you image how happy you’d feel?

I now have lots of tools in my toolbox and have enjoyed great success. These are some of the tools I have available:

Products that work.
Our Inch-loss products helped me with a problem I had for years - my stomach flab. I always try products before recommending them. In one month, I only “lost” 2-3 pounds as most of the weight was already off, but I shrank 2 inches off my abdomen during the trial. I guess I was just holding those inches until my body had the right biochemical tools to release the bulk. I went down a pants size and it’s not come back in four years.

Safe Products
Our product manufacturer is the #1 natural supplement company in the world. They are leaders in science based products and have been in business for over 50 years.

Product Support

Inch-loss starter packs are accompanied by support websites, CD’s, recipes, individualized programs, and more.
P.S. If you buy, I would be grateful if you used this link.

I realize that a lot of good companies say similar stuff – right? So how is this program different?

You get me!
I want to give you great service and be attentive to your results and give good answers your questions. It's important for you to get the results you want so we guarantee the products. I’ve done my homework well and have many resources and skills for your success.

You get my team!
We have two partners who specialize in Inch Loss, both very effective, although with different styles. Weight management and better health are not a private matter. Everyone needs support and that support needs to come from outside your normal circle.

Barb Mardorin works with folks who want to take off anywhere from 10-100 pounds and would like to take it off and keep it off healthfully. She’s nurturing, calming, and a joy to hear.

The Wise Guys, Leo and Michael Gallarano, and Bill Burrows are straight shooters who hold lively conversations each Tuesday night. Leo lost something like 60 pounds and also lost all his prescription medications.

The coolest thing, is you don’t have to choose! You can get a bit of both or settle on the best fit for you.

Finally, I want to sweeten the pot to make it worth your while.

You get paid!

How’s an extra 100 bucks by 2011?

We can play it straight, or even better,
let’s make a bet because research shows you will have a greater chance of success if you do!

You lose (meaning you win the challenge) you get the bucks! Do something fun!

You gain, (meaning you get off track) and we’ll give that money, slowly, but surely, to charity – especially one that you’d hate to support because that would motivate you even more according to stickK.com. So, would that be Bill Clinton’s or George Bush’s Presidential Library Fund? ;-)

The details

1. Start with our team and our products by Jan 25, 2009.
2. Set a goal of 1-3 pounds per week, according to your body composition.
3. Maintain orders of at least 100 PV a month (ask me: bfli@buta.org).
4. Reach your goal and maintain your weight goal by June 25 and
I’ll pay you $50. Yep, you get a chunck of my profit because your health is worth my dollars.
5. Keep on the maintenance program and when the New Year rolls around, I’ll pay you another $50!

Have a happy NEW year and may we both lose!