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Monday, September 27, 2010

Get the Lead Out!

In the USA, we are so blasted lucky to have the safest water in the world. I'm so grateful for the privilege of accessible good water!

However, do you ever read those reports sent to our homes by our water companies? If you have, you know that even the best water in the world still needs improvement.

Here in Boston, and probably in your area too, our water reservoirs are in great shape. There isn't any lead, for example, in our water supply. But our municipal water authority reports lead is found at our taps. The contamination is picked up along the way to our homes with the majority of lead contamination caused by our own plumbing.

By the time samples are taken at the faucets of our homes, 90% of us drink on average, 10.6 parts per billion (ppb). One in ten homes have levels above the "action level" of 15 ppb.

The amounts seem low, but the EPA says the Maximum Contaminant Level Goal for lead is zero.

No amount of lead is safe in our drinking water.

We all need to know about lead in our water. Families have an even greater burden. A modest amount of lead in our kid's bloodstreams can lead to measurable drops in SAT scores and noticeable increases in aggressive behavior. And, did you know that lead continues to build up in the body? It's rare in the USA, but lead can cause adults serious health issues with even modest levels contributing to disease.

The best quick, cheap, and effective solution to protect yourself from water borne lead is to filter your water, right at your tap.

All our pitcher, counter top, and under-the-counter filter systems take the lead out.

We also offer replacement cartridges for your Brita™ or Pur™ pitchers because these leading brands did not pass the newest WQA and NSF standards as recently as June, 2010.* Our better-for-the-environment filter replacements have refillable cartridges and filter twice as much water.

So, if our products are as good or better then what you are already using, is there any reason you wouldn't switch and shop for your filter replacements with us? We offer on-line shopping and home delivery. You can even have filters and other items sent right to your in the future so you won't run out. It's called autoship and you can set up your automatic shipments up during your first order. What a blessing for busy people!

Thanks for reading!


* Testing comparisons on June 16, 2010 from WQA and NSF certified reduction claims for the Brita OB-36 and the PUR CR-6000C pitchers.