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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Committed to attracting wonderful people in my life

Last week, after a year of planning, four months of constant attention, three weeks of heavy activity, and 5 days of fully consuming attention, we gave birth to....
a waterproofed foundation!

The years of flooding are over! We also found out that our drain pipe from our gutter was crushed underground. All the gutter water was pouring into our foundation. So, we also had to do some emergency plumbing. And the chimney guys were out. And.... You know, life's been filled with contractors lately....

Nonetheless, there have been great blessings with the people who have been associated with my life throughout these efforts. I have made new friends and have rejoiced knowing all these new people. I'm so very glad that I'm able to do what I do because I can actually take the time to build relationships and get to know the fascinating people that come into my life. It was all quite an effort, but look who was a part of the experience. So thanks, Gary, Freddy, Sal, Big Tony, Tony, Omar and crew, Carl and crew, Kevin, Jim, Brian, Tom, Frank, Anne, Matt and crew, Carol, Daniel, Carl-Isaak, Nattie, Rachel, Elon, Doug, John, Tom M. and Micheal T, and to the others whose names I didn't know or who might have slipped by. Thanks for making my life more beautiful.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Q&A Echinacea

Question: So, what’s the deal with Echinacea? Does it cure the common cold?

Uhhh, hmmm,????

Several studies have made headlines recently that have outright said that Echinacea has no effect on the common cold. (1,2). Yet, I wouldn’t be so hasty to dismiss the herb altogether, but nor would Echinacea be my first recommendation for fighting colds. Doesn’t that just clear everything up?

OK, first the critics: the studies done were well done scientifically, so that’s important. But the Turner study, blasted all over the news last July, seems almost as if the study was designed to fail. The dosage of echinacea was about 60% of the usual dosage for the more active echinacea species and Turner used a species of Echinacea that isn’t the most studied because it has less biological activity then other species. The World Health Association would recommend a dose 10 times as much for the species of echinacea used in the Turner study. Isn’t that interesting? I’m actually dismayed as a taxpayer that this very well designed study didn’t use better Echinacea. That’s leaves the jury out for me as to the effectiveness of Echinacea.

That said, it’s not my favorite cure for the common cold. I would rather build up the immune system because it is THE cure for colds. I only recommend an Echinacea containing product to my clients at the first sign of upper respiratory symptoms and only for a limited time. Five to seven days is about max. The product I recommend also has other herbs that have clinically shown to also work on the flu and contains zinc, a mineral that has been shown to cut the duration of colds by half if a sufficient dose is available in the zinc lozenge AND if taken within 24 hours of the first symptoms. (3)

If you want to know what I recommend, e-mail me so I can be of best service to you. I want the best fit for you.

(1) Turner, R.B, et al. NEJM, 353(July 28):341-348.
(2) Barrett, et al. AIM, Volume 137 Issue 12, Dec. 2002
(3) Prasad, et al. AIM, Volume 133 Issue 4, Aug. 2000

Saturday, November 12, 2005

About Buta Full Life- the company

When I started this venture six years ago, it was important to me to build a business that would support me in all areas of my life in a professional manner. I have a rich professional and academic background and I’m educated over a wide range of topics including science, math, psychology, literature, music, foreign language, business, management, religion, health and wellness –kind of a “Renaissance woman”. The truth is, I just love to learn and I’m fascinated by the world around me. I also wanted to do something meaningful without the headaches and limitations of a 9-5 because I am also a Mom. I was determined to make my life beautiful!

So, here’s what I’m doing. I market a wide range of products for good health and gentle living on this earth directly to people who, like me, are smart about their health and the products they use, passionate about environment, and committed to doing what they need to do to get the results they want to live healthy, dynamic lives. Right now, I am particularly focused on actions we can take to reduce our personal impact on the environment. I'm absolutely passionate about what's in us, on us, or around us becomes part of us. Making small changes made big differences in my life- and that's why I do what I do.

Before I was using these products, I was constantly sick. I was overweight, infertile, exhausted. and, of course, completely stressed out. Now, seven years later, I enjoy great health, have a beautiful daughter and the energy to run a business, work out each morning, cook fresh every day, and serve in my community. With this business I have a toolbox at my fingertips so I can not only create the good health and financial security I want for my family, I can also help others to do the same thing I have grown so much in this process ~ I am now the happiest working person I know! It truly is a Buta Full Life!

Anyway, if you know anyone, like me, who is looking for a professional way to generate an additional income stream, or passionate environmentalists looking for easy realistic solutions for their family ‘s better health and environment, or even would like to know more yourself, just give me a call at 617-504-4971. We'll talk for about 10 minutes to see if we're a good fit.

Have a fabulous day!